kendall EMS

Photo Courtsey of Kendall County EMS FB page

The addition and remodeling of the Kendall County EMS located at 1175 N. Main St., in Boerne, TX has now moved on to the Bidding & Negotiating phase for subcontractors.


LMD Architects, PLLC has completed construction plans and specifications for the Kendall County EMS working alongside MJ Boyle as the general contractor. In November 2014, Lorraine M. Dailey presented recommendations of expansion and modernization of the EMS facility to the Kendall County Commissioners Court. The county plans to spend about $2 million to renovate and nearly double the size of the existing EMS. The Kendall County EMS began operations as a volunteer EMS organization in 1974 and is overseen by Jeffery Finke, EMS Administrator, being one of its original members along with Brian Webb, Assistant Administrator and Elizabeth San Miguel, Administrator Assistant.


We are very excited and pleased to be taking the EMS’ goal & LMD’s experience and vision to the next phase as we help exceed the EMS standards to better perform in engaged patient care and medical profession in general.


For any bidding information, please contact David Goetz with MJ Boyle at (210) 227-1919.