Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Describe a typical problem and how you resolved it?


A: Problem: Construction schedule slopping


Problem Resolution:
    • Lorraine M. Dailey required the contractor to provide a makeup schedule as soon as the schedule showed potential delays.
    • Lorraine M. Dailey contacted the insurance company construction consultants who agreed to send supplemental construction superintendents at no cost to the Owner to assist in schedule recovery.
    • Substantial Completion was achieved within required schedule
How to avoid this problem in the future:
    • Carefully review the construction schedule on a weekly basis so that schedule recovery is achievable
While it is industry standard for the Architect to review the construction schedule with the monthly pay application, Lorraine M. Dailey reviews the construction schedule weekly to ensure compliance.
    • Hire a Construction Manager at Risk to manage the project work is a sub-contractor falls behind schedule



Q: Explain how LMD Architects ensures compliance with the Americans with Disabilities (ADA).


A: During the design phase, the preliminary drawings are reviewed by the ADA & TAS Consultant providing vital feedback of areas that need to be addressed. The consultants again review the completed construction documents for compliance and perform the required on-site inspection after project completion. During construction Ms. Dailey reviews the work to ensure compliance. LMD Architects is very proud of the fact that the firm’s past several state required TAS reviews have been reviewed with no outstanding TAS concerns, and all of the projects have passed the final state required TAS inspection.



Q: Describe how LMD Architects incorporate Efficient Energy usage in its projects.


A: Efficient building envelopes, building orientation, day lighting, and other passive energy saving methods are always incorporated to reduce the cost of running and operating a facility. LMD Architect’s Building Information Modeling Software provides energy analysis studies to assist in energy modeling during design.

LMD Architects has two accredited LEED Green Associates on staff and are committed to responsible design in accordance with many LEED conservation principles.

The Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Consulting Engineers, have extensive experience in conversation design practices. ASHRAE guides are followed for energy efficient design of HVAC. Air condition units are evaluated for efficiency vs. initial cost/life cycle cost. Plumbing fixtures and equipment are selected for low water usage and with energy star ratings. All energy costs for natural gas and electricity are evaluated for the most cost effective design.

Effective Strategies are: lighting evaluation to determine the most cost effective source for initial, life cycle, and maintenance cost; fluorescent dimming to ensure that light level is proportional to the amount of natural light; occupancy sensors to ensure lights turn off when the room is unoccupied; automated solar-adaptive shades to provide light while saving up to 10% on HVAC; smart grid integration allowing your facility to easily participate in demand response or peak pricing programs; and LED exit and exterior lighting.