HU.H1 3.E 499x302


a. DayRoom4


a. DayRoom10









Housing Unit G- New Construction


Pecos, Texas


Record Architect: Lorraine M. Dailey


Lorraine M. Dailey was asked to design a new Housing Unit for a 384-bed general population. The layout situates all inmate living and dayrooms around the control room. With direct line of sight into inmate areas, the staff is able to monitor and respond swiftly if the need arises.


The building was constructed entirely of precast concrete wall panels and precast concrete double tees for ceiling/roof panels. Concrete panels contribute to design excellence, including sustainability, high performance, efficient construction and occupant health and safety. The benefits of precast include accelerated scheduling, durability, low maintenance costs, good life-cycle performance, high thermal mass, and acoustical isolation. Precast is also:


  • Inherently non-combustible
  • Resists water damage
  • Has negligible levels of volatile organic compounds
  • Minimizes solar heat absorption
  • Reduces heating and cooling loads which allows for downsizing of HVAC systems
  • Resilient and durable with a very long service life