Correctional Projects


 HU.H1 3.E 499x302

Housing Unit G- New Construction


Pecos, Texas Record


Architect: Lorraine M. Dailey


Lorraine M. Dailey was asked to design a new Housing Unit for a 384-bed general population. The layout situates all inmate living and dayrooms around the control room. With direct line of sight into inmate areas, the staff is able to monitor and respond swiftly if the need arises. The building was constructed entirely of precast concrete wall panels and... READ MORE

 KIT DINING C 540x197

Phase III 960 - Bed - RCDC


Pecos, Texas


Record Architect: Lorraine M. Dailey


Reeves County Detention Center – Phase III consisted of a 960-bed minimum/medium security campus style detention center with fourteen new buildings totaling over 165,000 square feet of inmate housing and support spaces. The following buildings were designed and constructed: Three Housing Units- 288 beds each Special Housing Unit with outdoor exercise- 96 beds Full service commercial Kitchen and Laundry with correctional grade equipment Visitation building...READ MORE

 HU.H1 3.C 499x302

Housing Unit ‘H’ Remodel - RCDC I&II


Pecos, Texas


Record Architect: Lorraine M. Dailey


The existing dayroom building was completely remodeled to provide housing for 288 inmates and are as follows: Architectural: Expanded & improved inmate shower to toilet areas New beverage counters New pipe chases New ceiling and light fixtures New security glass Required changes for Full compliance with ADA/ TAS MEP: New Fire Riser New plumbing fixtures New HVAC New laundry equipment New Life Safety equipment... READ MORE


Visitation Renovation - RCDC I&II

Pecos, Texas

Record Architect: Lorraine M. Dailey

A new visit lobby located at the south end of the facility, closest to the public access, was constructed for visitors to be processed before entering into the facility. After visitor processing, they are redirected through the metal detector to the visitation building. Situated in the Southwest corner of the campus, the existing dayroom building was renovated to be the new visitation building for the... READ MORE

 CLAYTON AERIAL 540x197 New Town of Clayton Jail

Clayton, New Mexico

Record Architect: Cromwell Architects & Engineers Owner’s

Project Manager: Lorraine M. Dailey, Detention Design Consultant

The Clayton New Mexico Detention Facility is a 217,000 square foot, 666-bed, $60,171,802 medium-maximum security facility located on a 70-acre site, completed within established GMP with no change orders. General Population housing was divided into two housing units, each with 312 beds in double occupancy cells. Each Housing Unit has a control room in... READ MORE

 ExamRoom12 website

Health Services Unit Abatement, Renovation & Addition – RCDC I&II

Pecos, Texas

Record Architect: Lorraine M. Dailey Lorraine M. Dailey

Was contracted to abate, renovate, and add onto the existing Health Services Building. After abatement and mold remediation the Health Services Unit was completely gutted and renovated. Exam rooms, dental, optometry, urgent care, negative pressure cells, medical records, medical offices, break room were renovated and upgraded. A new addition provided 14 new infirmary beds including... READ MORE

 Cell1 website

Modifications Car 5 - RCDC III

Pecos, Texas

Record Architect: Lorraine M. Dailey

The county improved and renovated RCDC III by adding a 315-bed general inmate addition and a 14-bed expansion of the existing 96-bed Special Housing Unit for a total population of 1,356 inmates. A new FBOP Administration Building and new Intake Unit were also constructed on the site. Security electronic upgrades improved video surveillance with additional color cameras and DVD recording. All work was completed while... READ MORE


Karnes County Jail, Sheriff’s Office

Karnes City, Texas

Record Architect: Lorraine M. Dailey

This project consists of the Karnes County Jail, Sheriff’s Offices and Courtroom. Lorraine M. Dailey worked closely with the Sheriff and County Government to design a facility that is both functional and was designed to expand with the growing needs of the county. Lorraine meticulously followed all TCJS standards and ADA accessibility while maintaining the integrity of... READ MORE

 ExamRoom 540x197

CAR 6 Modification RCDC I&II

Pecos, Texas

Record Architect: Lorraine M. Dailey

The County was awarded a multi-year contract to house Criminal Aliens in their RCDC I & II facility. To meet the requirements of the proposal, Lorraine M. Dailey designed new housing including additional 320 dorm beds and 114 Special Housing Unit beds. A new Health Services Unit was constructed to accommodate the increased population. The new HSU provided Urgent Care and Exam rooms, including: Phlebotomy... READ MORE